the poultry project

The Agenda:

Short Term: Mbale Expansion. In May 2011, Poultry Project team members will travel to Mbale, Uganda to expand the Project by adding up to 15 new par ticipants. Each new participant will receive four hens, a cock, a bicycle, a cell phone, a chicken coop, poultry vaccinations, training from a veterinarian, and access to the Project’s various leadership and savings programs.

Medium Term: Uganda Expansion. Over the next few years, the Project plans to expand to TASO’s ten additional locations throughout Uganda. TASO leadership has indicated its initial support for the expansion and the team plans to discuss the expansion in more detail during its May 2011 visit.

Long Term: Sub-Saharan Africa Expansion. There are hundreds of HIV/AIDS service organizations working in countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Each of these faces challenges similar to those faced by TASO, including the challenge of providing needed services to the children of current and former members. The Poultry Project can help these organizations reach more people without having to dedicate significant resources. We believe that the model we are building for TASO can be replicated for similar organizations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Always: Improving Our Services. We know how important the quality of our services is to being effective in the pursuit of our mission. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. In the Spring of 2010, students from George Washington University conducted a detailed project evaluation. The results, which are available here on our website, helped us identify various areas of improvement, including the need for improved poultry shelter (learn more about Build a Coop 2011).

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