the poultry project

Emily Axtman, a talented architect and Designcorps fellow, is going to Uganda in May 2011 to work with Poultry Project farmers to design a chicken coop that is simply assembled, made of local materials, good for the chickens and easy to maintain.  After the coop is designed, Emily will hold build workshops where farmers will receive materials and assistance with constructing their coops.

Our 2010 project evaluation revealed that chicken shelter was a major obstacle for our farmers.  Many farmers lacked the tools, skills and materials needed to build a durable, safe coop for their flock.  As a result, many farmers move their birds into their own homes or made makeshift coops.  To address this problem, the Poultry Project launched the Chicken Coop Design Competition with hopes of engaging architects and designers and challenging them to come up with innovative designs for chicken coops.

The Build a Coop 2011 project will focus on the design/build workshops and distributing coop materials to the current 27 families (only those without a decent coop) and to the 45 families that will be added during the Poultry Project’s expansion (read more here.)

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