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Meet the Team: Kevin Kopanski

June 11th, 2011

Kevin, fresh out of photojournalism school, learned about the Poultry Project back in 2007. He’s been trying to go to Uganda ever since. With a great job at a local Cleveland photography studio, a few years of built-up anticipation, a compassionate heart and an eagerness to share his creativity and talent with the Poultry Project, Kevin was finally ready to set foot on Ugandan soil. Kevin generously volunteered to document the Poultry Project’s work with photos and video.

He immediately fell in love with Uganda, the people, the food and the lifestyle. By day two, he was plotting his return (two weeks was not enough time!). When he wasn’t making stunning photographs or filming, he was looking for other ways to help. Kevin built coops, befriended the participants (especially Willison, Robert and Shamim), taught a few children how to use his camera, loaded and unloaded coop materials, and always stepped forward when help was needed. On our way to Kampala, it started pouring rain and Kevin hopped out of the vehicle and onto the roof to untie and take down our luggage. Kevin has a lot of the qualities I admire in my dearest Ugandan friends–he’s patient, humble, agreeable and kind. His photographs are amazing. Check out his work on our blog (stay tuned for an upcoming gallery show and more of his Poultry Project work on our website) and on his site.

Kevin took this photo outside of the TASO Mbale nutrition clinic.

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