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Coop Build Workshop #2

May 12th, 2011

The Poultry Project held the second on-site build workshop at Mutonyi Sandra’s home. Sandra lives in Nabumali, in Bungokho County, in Mbale district.  The twelve year old girl lost both parents to AIDS, and along with her six siblings, lives with her aunt, uncle and their 3 children; there are 12 people in the household. When we first added Sandra in 2008, the family was in a very dire situation. There was little food for the children to eat and they had a small number of livestock. Today we saw firsthand the impact a few resources and training can have on an entire family of 12. We learned the bicycle provided to Sandra is used as a boda boda (taxi service) and earns the family 5,000 Ugandan shillings per week. With this additional income, they have been able to begin saving. With their earnings from the boda boda, they have purchased a cow that is now pregnant, one goat and their original 5 chickens have multiplied to 15. In addition to their livestock, they grow mangoes, papaya, passion fruit, jack fruit, maize and coffee.

Sandra and her siblings enjoying the sunshine and new soccer ball.

Sandra and her family in front of their new coop!

During rainy season in Uganda, many farmers tie their free range chickens with rope to prevent the chickens from wandering around and ruining the crops. Tying the birds is often stressful and painful on the animal and results in low productivity.

Having a chicken coop will give the chickens an opportunity to walk around, without destroying the crops. It will also reduce the chance of theft, loss to predators and protect the chickens from poor weather conditions. Before the team left, he quickly gathered up a few birds and placed them inside their new home.

While the team was working on the chicken coop, I taught the children how to use my camera.  Here are some photos I found later in the evening when I uploaded my pictures…


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