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World AIDS Day

December 1st, 2010

World AIDS Day – a day to remember our friends, parents, siblings, children, lovers, leaders, family, and fellows that have died from AIDS related illness; a day to honor the changemakers that have made ARVs and other life saving treatment available to millions; a day to thank the AIDS activists that continue to fight for access to evidence-based HIV/AIDS prevention (i.e. syringe exchange, comprehensive sex-ed, condoms, female condoms, harm reduction); a day to recognize that everyday is AIDS day because we are all affected.  There’s a t-shirt that TASO staff wear and it says, “Stopping AIDS starts with me.”  I just read an article in the NYTimes about the new wave of AIDS activists on US college campuses.  These kids are putting pressure on Obama and White House staffers to keep the 2008 campaign promise of $50 billion to fund AIDS programs.  A funeral for the 1.8 million people that have died from AIDS related illness will be staged today by ACT UP Philadelphia on the White House lawn.  There are some simple things you can do today to advocate for more resources for AIDS prevention and treatment and to join the movement to end AIDS.  At Change AIDS Obama, you can sign and send a letter to Obama urging him to address the dwindling resources available to US AIDS service organizations and health departments to provide prevention and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS in the US; click here to send your letter.  Get tested.  HIV testing is one of the most important HIV prevention tools.  Click here to find a testing site by zip code.

We honor the Poultry Project participants that have died from AIDS related illness:






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