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Coop of the Day: Nelson Chicken Coop

December 8th, 2010

Designed by architect Michael Nelson of Nelson Design Group, this henhouse is already built and in use in his suburban backyard.   Nelson lives in Birmingham, AL and has 5 chickens.

Nelson’s description of the design:

The Nelson Chicken Coop is a suburban backyard henhouse comprised of two levels, a lower ground-level run and a raised, upper area for feeding, nesting, & perching. Each level is approximately four (4) feet wide by six (6) feet long in plan, providing a total of forty-eight (48) square feet of area. The upper level is covered, enclosed, and raised to provide protection for the hens. Ventilation is provided by an operable front window running the length of the coop, hardware cloth floor, an enclosed lower-level run, and venting at the ridge on the roof. There are two (2) nesting boxes and four (4) linear feet of perch in the upper level. Access to the coop includes an egg door & feed/water door on the upper level and two (2) clean-out doors on the lower level. All doors are secured using surface-mounted, manual bolt latches. Building materials used include 2x wood framing, ¾” plywood, and galvanized metal roofing. Galvanized hardware cloth (1/4”) is used to enclose the run in the lower level, to floor 2/3 of the upper level, and to secure the upper level ventilation window when open. The center section of the upper level has no floor to allow vertical access between the levels. The siding on each end of the coop is fabricated from wood shims and stained for protection from the elements. An electric utility light is added to the interior of the coop as needed to bolster the lighting during the winter season.

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