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Coop of the Day: Modular System

December 16th, 2010

Camilo Cerro of Brooklyn, NY designed this modular coop.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

The idea behind this design is to create a chicken coop that is modular, made of recycled materials and that solves the programmatic issues in a better way than the coops presently on the market. By creating a modular system, we allow for the design to expand in an unlimited manner. This capacity gives the owner alternatives in terms of the location and evolution of the coop. In terms of materials, I propose to recycle wood into MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or wood-chip boards as the primary material for the coop, this then would be painted to protect if from the elements. And finally the design is set for adaptability. Each module has all the components to be set as a corner condition, central condition, to have an access ramp to the upper level or to stand alone. When not in use by a module, the ramp becomes the circulation floor for the upper floor. Sliding doors at each side of the module allow for circulation from module to module or to close off the corner modules. Two access doors allow for independent access to the nest and feeder (for both water and feed). And the mesh panels on the lower level are removable to allow for some to betaken out when the module is placed in a central portion of the coop. The lower level stands on the ground allowing the chickens to have access to grass and dirt while kept enclosed. Because of its simplicity the module is compact, light, easy to carry and clean.

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CCDC Top Ten, Finalists, Honorable Mentions

December 13th, 2010

The judging of the Chicken Coop Design Competition had three phases – I. top 10 II. top 3 (#1 pick plus two honorable mentions) III. selecting winner from finalists (the #1 picks).  As promised, here are the top 10s, finalists and honorable mentions:

Top 10 Lists:


  1. Pivot
  2. Poulle Belle
  3. GOA
  5. Steven Zambrano
  6. Hugh Macguire
  7. Emily Axteman
  8. Karachi B
  9. Henry Foch
  10. Cart Coop


  1. Karachi B
  2. Poulle-Belle
  3. Hugh Macguire
  4. George Acock
  5. Henry Foch
  7. Steven Zambrano
  8. Philip Proefoeck
  9. Anna Scheffer…
  10. Emily Axteman


  1. Tri Dang
  2. John Ha
  3. Cindie McDonald
  4. Steven Zambrano
  5. Anna Scheffer..
  6. Eric Rochon
  7. Phillip Proefoeck
  8. Henri Foch
  9. Nguyen Ngoc
  10. Karachi B


  1. George Acock
  3. Cart Coop
  4. Tri Dang
  5. Emily Axteman
  6. GOA
  7. Jennifer Hiser
  8. Hugh Macguire
  9. PIVOT
  10. Poulle-Belle


  1. Emily Axteman
  2. Sustainable TO
  3. Lawrence Duck
  4. Hali Knight
  5. A. Kennedy
  6. Ben Grist
  8. Ella Stelter
  9. Karachi B
  10. John Ha

The next round, judges were to narrow down to top pick plus 2 honorable mentions:

Gauri – top pick – torn between Emily Axtman and University of Karachi B. honorable mentions: Hugh MacGuire, Henri Foch
Lynn – top pick – University of Karachi B. honorable mentions: Tri Dang, John Ha
Joe – top pick – University of Karachi B. honorable mentions: Hugh MacGuire, Henri Foch
Tim – top pick – Lawrence Duck. honorable mentions: Ben Grist, ARCHRIOT  (other selections: Emily Axtman, Hali Knight, Ella Stelter, University of Karachi B, Ashley Kennedy)
Matt – top pick – Emily Axtman. honorable mentions: Hugh MacGuire, GOA Eclectic Coop

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Coop of the Day: Nelson Chicken Coop

December 8th, 2010

Designed by architect Michael Nelson of Nelson Design Group, this henhouse is already built and in use in his suburban backyard.   Nelson lives in Birmingham, AL and has 5 chickens.

Nelson’s description of the design:

The Nelson Chicken Coop is a suburban backyard henhouse comprised of two levels, a lower ground-level run and a raised, upper area for feeding, nesting, & perching. Each level is approximately four (4) feet wide by six (6) feet long in plan, providing a total of forty-eight (48) square feet of area. The upper level is covered, enclosed, and raised to provide protection for the hens. Ventilation is provided by an operable front window running the length of the coop, hardware cloth floor, an enclosed lower-level run, and venting at the ridge on the roof. There are two (2) nesting boxes and four (4) linear feet of perch in the upper level. Access to the coop includes an egg door & feed/water door on the upper level and two (2) clean-out doors on the lower level. All doors are secured using surface-mounted, manual bolt latches. Building materials used include 2x wood framing, ¾” plywood, and galvanized metal roofing. Galvanized hardware cloth (1/4”) is used to enclose the run in the lower level, to floor 2/3 of the upper level, and to secure the upper level ventilation window when open. The center section of the upper level has no floor to allow vertical access between the levels. The siding on each end of the coop is fabricated from wood shims and stained for protection from the elements. An electric utility light is added to the interior of the coop as needed to bolster the lighting during the winter season.

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Coop of the Day: Poulle-Belle

December 6th, 2010

When we were in the early stages of planning the Chicken Coop Design Competition, we talked about wanting IKEA to come up with a simple, easily assembled, flat-pak coop product.  Well, this group of architects from Paris decided to repurpose an IKEA kitchen cabinet as a chicken coop.  They even took time to send a letter to IKEA pitching their design.  This coop was a favorite of the jury for its innovation and creativity.  Bravo!

Poulle-Belle by Alice Dufourmantelle + Juliette Mesnage + Eleonore Morand

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World AIDS Day

December 1st, 2010

World AIDS Day – a day to remember our friends, parents, siblings, children, lovers, leaders, family, and fellows that have died from AIDS related illness; a day to honor the changemakers that have made ARVs and other life saving treatment available to millions; a day to thank the AIDS activists that continue to fight for access to evidence-based HIV/AIDS prevention (i.e. syringe exchange, comprehensive sex-ed, condoms, female condoms, harm reduction); a day to recognize that everyday is AIDS day because we are all affected.  There’s a t-shirt that TASO staff wear and it says, “Stopping AIDS starts with me.”  I just read an article in the NYTimes about the new wave of AIDS activists on US college campuses.  These kids are putting pressure on Obama and White House staffers to keep the 2008 campaign promise of $50 billion to fund AIDS programs.  A funeral for the 1.8 million people that have died from AIDS related illness will be staged today by ACT UP Philadelphia on the White House lawn.  There are some simple things you can do today to advocate for more resources for AIDS prevention and treatment and to join the movement to end AIDS.  At Change AIDS Obama, you can sign and send a letter to Obama urging him to address the dwindling resources available to US AIDS service organizations and health departments to provide prevention and treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS in the US; click here to send your letter.  Get tested.  HIV testing is one of the most important HIV prevention tools.  Click here to find a testing site by zip code.

We honor the Poultry Project participants that have died from AIDS related illness:






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