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“It Is Good to Start a Project Instead of Giving Someone Food and Then Tomorrow I Am Hungry”

March 5th, 2010

I am excited to report that the first day of the Poultry Project Evaluations went extremely well! Peter, four other fellows, and I went out into the field yesterday to two households that had been recipients of PP hens (photos will be posted once the internet speed picks up a bit). Here are client updates:


Faith is a child client (she is HIV+) and lives about 30 minutes north of Mbale, in Bukeda. In 2006, Faith received 4 hens from the PP. To date, the family has managed to use the 4 hens and their products to purchase 1 heifer (which might be pregnant!) and 1 goat. The household sells the eggs from the hens to buy more animals, salt, sugar, soap, transport to health units, fix their bicycle, and buy clothing and uniforms for Faith. Due to recent heavy rains and flooding, the household lost 15 chicks. Learning from this, they are hoping to construct a house for the chickens to keep them safe during the coming rainy season.


Betty is 16 years old and is in Senior 4. Betty lost both her parents to AIDS, and now lives with her Uncle Stephen. Betty was at school when we arrived at her compound, so Stephen updated us on the project. The household started with 4 female birds and one male. Now, the household has between 60 and 70 chickens. Earlier this year, they sold 100 birds to pay the school and registration fees for all the children in the household. Without the Poultry Project, Stephen said, “…there would be a problem” paying school fees. “I have liked the project” Stephen said, “You have to be patient, but then it is well paying. It is good to start a project instead of giving someone food and then tomorrow I am hungry”.

We will continue to visit households this weekend and into next week. Thank you so much for supporting the Poultry Project!

Kate, Gwynne, Ashley, Peter, Nikki and Kelsey.

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