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Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

September 7th, 2008

August 31st
Today was our last day in Mbale and we had one last stop to make.
We went to Hanania’s house to check on the new roof.
When we walked around the bend of the dirt path, standing out behind the thick green bushes, was a shiny tin roof glistening in the sun.
The family greeted us and proudly showed us their new roof.
Their happiness is attributed to our friends and family who have generously reached out their hands to help the greater good. Thank you all for you donations, you have helped this family, given them shelter, and renewed their hope in a better day.
hanania's fmaily.jpg
The new roof is responsible for their smiles – and the glare in the picture.
hanania's roof.jpg
The new roof.
As we drove away from the late Hanania’s home, we all felt at ease. It was a great way to leave Mbale and begin our next journey. We are in Kampala and staying at a magnificent hotel – it will be nice to relax after three weeks of hard work.
sleeping baby.jpg
On our way to Kampala the driver stopped to buy goat meat kabobs. This billboard towered over the streetside food market.
nm stadium.jpg
We also got to see the Nelson Mandela Stadium, home to the national football team.
weight signs.jpg
And we saw advertisements that would get very few responses if posted in an American city.

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