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We Love Uganda :)

August 15th, 2008

12-13 August 2008 (Day 1-2): We have arrived!
We spent our first evening sleeping at BOMA Hotel in Entebbe. Considering our 17 hour trip, neither of us had the energy to be frightened by the five lizards that were stationed, motionless throughout the hotel room. We both decided that lizards are better than hairy spiders and slept peacefully until the morning sun shone through the window and the music of the birds filled the air.
In the morning we feasted on delicious bananas and coffee as we waited for Peter (director of programs at TASO) and Saulo – they graciously offered to transport us on the 4 hour trip from Entebbe to Mbale.
When they arrived at BOMA, they told us they had to pick up medications on the way back to Mbale. To make a long story short, we ended up waiting for 3 hours in a car at the Joint Medication Store; this is where TASO purchases their antiretrovirals. And then we then had to make a quick pit-stop and purchase a refrigerator.
Purchasing a refrigerator in Kampala.
The road trip lasted longer than 4 hours (11 to be precise), but along the way we were given a glimpse of a world that is so different from anything we have ever seen. The landscape is magnificent – vast, lush, and flourishing with sugar cane, tea and matoka trees. Periodically the driver would pull off to the side of the road and get out of the car – we met these children during one of the driving-breaks.
girls by yellow wall.jpg
Today we learned that we will spend the majority of our time here with Peter Wenlikhe. Peter is the director of programs at TASO, Mbale branch and has devoted his life to helping orphaned & vulnerable children and fighting HIV/AIDS. He oversees the Poultry Project and ensures the participants are given the support and resources they need to be successful.
Yesterday, after leaving a village that is completely isolated from the world we began discussing the many challenges faced by children who live in these environments. Peter also grew up in a similar village and when asked if he was personally frustrated with the lack of support and access to the outside world, he said “No, I am not frustrated because I know that if I work hard and struggle, then I will make it.”
Peter Smiles for the camera as we drive through Entebbe on our first day in Uganda.

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4 Responses to “We Love Uganda :)”

  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you for your courage and compassion. Gratitude infinity!

  2. stelio flamos says:

    I am so proud of the two of you. Joe, I was wondering when you were going to release information regarding the Mbale Summer League.

  3. mark manoogian says:

    Emily and Joe: This is amazing. The pictures are great and I look forward to your next post. Good luck!

  4. Dad says:

    Emily and Joe, I hope this posting goes through. I still can’t find my last entry! What you are doing is truly wonderful. We are so proud of you! I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing more about the people you are so graciuosly helping and the country in general. You are a credit to the humanity and another example of all the good that America does throughout the world! Love Dad.

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