the poultry project

Photo Gallery

August 19th, 2008

We have uploaded some of our pictures on the web. At this time, only half of the pictures have been uploaded and they are in no particular order. When we get more time, we will organize and label them to add context. Thanks again for reading. Click on GALLERY to view.

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4 Responses to “Photo Gallery”

  1. Kelly says:

    Beautiful! I love the photos of the painted advertisements, especially “Sleeping Baby” cream.
    Load more pics! And what happened to Joe Macguire’s comments?

  2. Mary Grace & Bill Pavlick says:

    Hi Joe and Emily, We look forward to your daily updates. We can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of you. What a wonderful opportunity to do unbelievably charitable work. My heart aches for these children and the few grandparents who are trying to stay alive. You can rest well at night, knowing that you are really doing God’s work. He has to be extremely pleased with the two of you. Like Katie’s comment, I wish I could do similar work. Love you, Grandma (and Pappap, too)

  3. peter says:

    Hi emmily and joe .
    Thank you for the wonderful work and in put in the poultry project.your stay in uganda has been so fruitful.
    we may not have enough words to thank you.
    with love peter
    TASO mbale

  4. welikhe peter says:

    Emily and Joe ,kelly and collin,harris and friends
    we dont have the right words for your time ,care and love for suffering children in uganda .may GOD reward you aboundantly

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