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Into the Mountains

August 19th, 2008

19 August 2008 (Day 8) The country of Uganda is broken up into districts, counties, sub-counties, parishes or wards, and villages. Many of you are probably curious about where exactly we have been traveling to reach the Project participants. Just click on UGANDA MAP and use the key below.
29. Kampala District. We originally flew into Entebbe (40km from Kampala) and spent much of Day 1 in Kampala.
54. Mbale District. We are staying in Mbale and TASO is in Mbale. In addition, the following participants reside in Mbale District: Emma, Rashid, Jacqueline, Michael.
73. Sironko District. The following participants reside in Sironko District: Mimuna, Vasca, Violet, Protus, Yekosofat, Eric, Hanania, Shamim, Doreen, Jude.
45 (southeastern portion). Bukedea District. The following participants reside in Bukedea District: Peter, Betty, Agnes, Faith.
45 (northwestern portion). Kumi District. Engole Jude resides here.
Today we traveled to the district of Soronko. We visited with three participants: Doreen (county of Buluganya), Jude and Protus (county of Buyaga).
The county of Buluganya is a green, mountainous region with breathtaking views. Everywhere you turn, there is a waterfall.
6th day 017.jpg
The mountains make for a beautiful landscape but a challenging traverse for the families living among their slopes. When it rains in Buluganya, many families are trapped in their villages for days until the poorly kept roads dry out.
6th day 038.jpg
Doreen is 15 years old and lives ¾ of the way up a 3,000 meter mountain with her three siblings, all of which are AIDS orphans. The living conditions for the family are very poor. Doreen is a few years behind in school but expressed a strong desire to catch up.
6th day 043.jpg
Waiting for Doreen, Emily passed out candy.
6th day 068.jpg
Doreen posing with her nephew.
The Project originally helped Doreen pay for school fees. However, due to the small amount of land occupied by the family and the challenges of keeping free range chickens in such an environment, Doreen’s chickens did not last. Doreen further explained that the bicycle from the Project has very little use since the road to her home is often fit only for walking.
We plan to explore various options including a sale of the bicycle and the establishment of an enclosure for poultry, goats, etc.
During the school term, Jude resides in Mbale with his uncle. During holidays (breaks between terms), he lives with his three siblings and grandmother at the home of his late parents in Buyaga (also a mountainous region).
6th day 092.jpg
Jude’s grandmother and her grandchildren.
Jude has maintained the Project in both locations. In Buyaga, he sold three chickens for a pig. In Mbale, he has kept one hen which has recently hatched chicks. The Project has helped Jude pay for school requirements and support his family. The siblings continue to struggle with basic needs, however, the grandmother appears to lack the necessary training for overseeing a successful poultry operation. So, both Jude and his grandmother will attend the workshop.
Protus and his five siblings (all AIDS orphans) live together with his wife and child in Buyaga. He and two of his oldest siblings have dropped out of school to perform odd jobs in the trading center for food.
Their land lies in a valley and is very prone to flooding. As a result, the family has retained one goat and has made very little progress with the Project otherwise. Protus is confident that his land is fit for livestock other than poultry (i.e. cows or goats). Until then, the family will continue to struggle and the younger siblings will risk dropping out of school.
6th day 095.jpg
6th day 079.jpg
Emily and Joe in Buluganya.

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6 Responses to “Into the Mountains”

  1. Kelly says:

    Sironko is my favorite! It’s so lush and grand. The drive up the mountain to Doreen’s village is terrifying. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and inspiration – your enthusiasm and commitment to your work with The Poultry Project makes my heart sing! You both have so much to offer and it’s inspiring to watch you share your gifts so selflessly.

  2. Dad says:

    You guys are the Best!! Joe, I like the hat! What a country and what a people! DAD

  3. Ryan says:

    As I sit here in an air conditioned room reading your blogs, I realize how truly lucky(and worthless) I am. Words cannot describe how proud I am of both of you, and how lucky we are all to know and call you friends. Please let me know how I can donate to help fix the roof, and keep up the amazing and selfless things you guys are doing. With all my love&respect…
    PS. I see u haven’t grown back any hair in africa….

  4. Julius says:

    Hi, Emily i have to say how amazing and wonderful the project is that you and kelly are doing in uganda! Like dad is proud of his daughters am proud of my sisters! I know the work seems to be endless but with god on your side theres nothing that can stop you both. I encourage you guys to keep pressing onward making mother Africa and the world a better place! See you soon sis!

  5. Colin says:

    Wow! Fascinating photos and an excellent job documenting your journey. I continue to be impressed by the both of you. The map is a great touch; the blog is the highlight of my day, everyday. The Poultry Project boss has decided to keep you there for an indefinite amount of time, so she can enjoy your postings. Part of your work there is to spread the message to those at home about what is happening. You are doing that. As always, we love and are proud of both of you.
    -Kelly’s husband.

  6. Mike Notizie says:

    Wow! This is my first comment over here.
    I liked this blog entry the most though, the way you said it was just amazing!
    My compliments for your pictures!
    See you Later ;)

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