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August 18th, 2008

18 August 2008 (Day 7)
Project participant Michael Wanambwa (12 yrs), was admitted to the hospital a few days ago due to malnutrition. His grandmother became his guardian when his parents passed away, but is becoming too weak to care for him. They have very little land and her crop yield is almost non-existent. Until recently, they relied on stipends from World Food Program (WFP) to maintain adequate intakes.
With the increase in global food prices this life-sustaining ration has been taken away and replaced with nothing.
Over the past couple of months Michael’s health has plummeted and he has dropped out of school. We are waiting to receive word on his status.
Today we found a similar situation with late Hanania’s grandmother, who is raising 3 orphans (Hanania’s siblings) and is struggling to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate them all. She has very little land to grow crops and like Michael’s family, her WFP stipend has been retracted. When asked how she manages their food, she said they eat very little, when money is available they buy soya flour and maize, and sometimes they go hungry.
We were equally saddened when we learned that she sold 3 of her 4 hens and the donated bicycle from the poultry project in order to pay for a proper burial and a cement gravestone for Hanania.
We have been discussing options to help this family and feel the most urgent need is to fix the home. Below are pictures of the family, the roof, and the inside of the home. In order to fix the roof we will need $125 USD.
hanania family side house.jpg
The remaining family: Brenda, Grandma, Isaac, & Simon.
isaac and gma.jpg
Pictured above Hanania’s grandmother and younger brother, Isaac.
water can hanania.jpg
The yellow water can lies on the dirt floor – they don’t have the luxury of buying clean, filtered bottled water or Gatorades at the grocery store.
The family’s home consists of two rooms; this room is where the dishes and water are stored – and also where the two boys sleep at night.
boys belongings.jpg
A dirty sheet, foam mattress, two faded soccer magazines & a donated bag – these are the belongings of the late Hanania and his two brothers.
At bedtime, Simon and Isaac unfold their foam mattress over the cement floor and fall asleep, side by side.
hanania roof1.jpg
On the left is the wall that divides the grandmother & Brenda’s room from the boys and above is the roof that is open to insects, lizards, wind, rain and dirt.
roof 2.jpg
Walls and ceiling/roof in the boys’ room.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Goodbye!
5th day 011.jpg

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  1. Lauren Alviti says:

    You have no idea of how proud I am of you two!!! Just a week ago I was watching you pack all your numbered ziplock bags…I can’t believe all you have already seen and done in the past 7 days. Truly amazing, Keep it up!

  2. Katie says:

    Hi guys!! It is so amazing what you two are doing. I love reading about your adventures and can’t help but be inspired to do something similar. Hopefully you guys go back and I can join you. I am so touched by these stories and am so proud of you two for helping in every way you can. I miss you both so much and can’t wait to talk to you about everything. I love you!

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