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Be good to your family

August 28th, 2008

We mentioned a couple of blogs ago that we had negotiated with the Rashid’s great uncle for a plot of land in hopes of securing a place to build a home. We returned to his home yesterday and were overjoyed to learn he and his wife decided to grant his sister the land. We viewed the plot – it is located behind the uncle’s compound and it’s perfect! Now, we must get together with our friend Juma to start the plans/construction on Rashid’s new home. We are projecting the home will cost roughly 1,000USD to complete, but we’ll worry about that tomorrow…
For the time being, we’re happy to know they have land. Things are looking up for Rashid and his Grandma.
august 27, 2008 132.jpg
The man with the land.
august 27, 2008 128.jpg
Rashid and his brother Nick.
august 27, 2008 136.jpg
The land.
august 27, 2008 151.jpg
Rashid’s new backyard.

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3 Responses to “Be good to your family”

  1. stelio flamos says:

    As Emily and Joe wind down their trip and get ready to head home we all can continue the effort by networking and forwarding The Poultry Project Link to all our friends and contacts. We must not forget these kids.

  2. flamos dynasty says:

    we need more blogage…you’re not done yet!

  3. kedo&bailey says:

    woof woof, we love and miss u, woof

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