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A Day with Jude

August 15th, 2008

14 August 2008 (Day 3): To Jude’s
Today we visited with Engole Jude. For those of you who have just started reading this blog, he’s 19 yrs old and has lost both parents to HIV/AIDS. He has been the sole provider to 3 siblings (Christy 13, Speciosa 15, and Maria 17) and 2 grandparents since 2005, when his father passed away. Jude is a star participant in the Poultry Project and has excelled since the onset. He has turned the original 5-hen allotment into 2 Chickens, 6 baby chicks, 3 goats, and 1 cow.
2nd day uganda 102.jpg
The Engole Cow was purchased with 12 hens and 2 goats.
Jude's Land.jpg
Jude’s family’s land: kitchen, house, bathroom, grandparent’s house (left to right).
Despite his successes, Jude’s situation has recently become significantly more complicated. First and foremost, Jude attends boarding school an hour away from his home in Mbale, and relies on boda boda (riding on the back of a motorcycle for cash) for transportation. He is away for the vast majority of the year and has only the cell phones donated by the Poultry Project to communicate with his family (and run his business).
Most recently, Jude spent three consecutive months at school. While away, several factors threatened the family’s sustenance that Jude had worked so hard for: Speciosa revealed to Jude that she was 7 months pregnant; various hens and goats had been stolen by a neighboring clan; the same clan asserted ownership of the land occupied by Jude’s family and threatened to take it back.
Jude has many remaining needs and the Project can help. We have allotted time with TASO workers to brainstorm Jude’s options.
2nd day uganda 126.jpg
Beautiful Speciosa cleaning cassava.
So long for now. We will blog again soon as we now have a fairly consistent internet connection. Sorry about the delay.
Our Schedule
15 Aug – 22 Aug: Field visits with remaining 20 Poultry Project beneficiaries
23 Aug – 24 Aug: Field visit with P.R.I.D. (orphan support organization – will explain later)
25 Aug – 29 Aug: Planning for Project workshop, donation distribution, meeting with executive director of TASO in Kampala
30 Aug: Poultry Project Workshop

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