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Sure glad London wasn’t our last stop

May 16th, 2007

colin paddington station.jpg
Colin admires a statue at Paddington Station in London.
First, we want to thank all the wonderful people that supported us at the pancake dinner and with generous donations…with out you, this would not be possible. Merci Beaucoup!
Before we left, I started a fabulous new job at the Canton City Health Department as the Health Services (AIDS) Coordinator, and Colin finished another semester with amazing grades. He also wrote a column about our Uganda effort in the Stow Sentry, a Record Publishing newspaper he writes for.
We want to tell you a bit about our travels across the Atlantic…
It all started on Saturday, May 12, when our flight from Cleveland-Detroit was cancelled. Our entire flight itinerary changed. Rather than arriving in Entebbe, Uganda Sunday evening at 8pm, we were slated to arrive the next morning at 7:45am. They rebooked us on a three different airlines, flying to DC, London, and onto Uganda. The highly efficient Northwest airline worker held us hostage claiming all along that he was searching for a better itinerary. He didn’t find one, and at 6:15pm he said, “You better run or you’ll miss your flight to DC.” We ran through the airport to another terminal. I had on 4in heels (stupid, I know); Colin was not pleased with my footwear selection. We made it to the gate and pleaded with more highly efficient airline staff to let us on the plane. They did. We ended up at Heathrow airport for a 12 hour layover. Heathrow is not so fun. The duty-free store selection in terminal 4 is outrageous – Chanel, Escada, Asprey, Gucci, electronics stores galore, liquor stores, cosmetics…you name it. We were lugging around 25lbs of baggage each. Instead of hanging out in the wonderful shopping mall that is terminal 4, we decided to ride into London. All I wanted to do was go to the Tate Modern and accidentally walk by a TopShop.
police hats london.jpg
Didn’t find a TopShop, but I did find some cool hats.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for the Tate Modern — we spent a few more hours at the airport getting boarding passes for our flight to Entebbe. We did venture into London, but it was uneventful. London is OK, I guess, except paying to use the restroom at Paddington station is not so cool. We went back to the airport because we were too rushed and broke and tired to enjoy London in an hour. Our flight to Entebbe was wonderful. Sleep and movies!
Colin’s bag didn’t make it to Entebbe, but the folks at British Airways promise it’s arrival in Mbale soon.
Yesterday, we went to TASO and as we walked down the path we were greeted by Shamim. She ran to us with open arms. Best welcome ever!
P.S. Colin insists that I fabricated the whole “muzungu” thing; nobody has called him a muzungu yet.
Indeed, no one has called me a “muzungu,” and I am extremely dissapointed. I am boarding the next flight to London.
I am so relieved and pleased to have arrived here safely.
Everyone here greets us with the words “you’re welcome,” which beckons me to respond with “thank you.” But its not a matter of gratitude as much as it is the welcoming and kind nature of the Ugandans.
As Kelly said, the flight here was a drag — not a fantastic way to start the journey. But this is an amazing place and I am tickled to be here, luggage or not.
Fortunately, I have a few shirts to wear — one says “STOW,” and another says “France: Losers of Both World Wars.”
At this moment, Kelly informed me that its time to go — we are going to TASO to see the newly constructed Children’s Clinic, and meet with the counselors about the poultry project.
We will write more soon.

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6 Responses to “Sure glad London wasn’t our last stop”

  1. stelio flamos says:

    Hey guys,
    I am happy to see you are updating the blog. My best to all. Hopefully Colin’s luggage is enroute.

  2. Loretta Bowlby says:

    So glad to hear you made it OK. Well, except for Colin’s luggage. But hopefully it will get there soon. If not, you can always wear some of Kelly’s things. If you do, I want pictutes!!!

  3. Connie says:

    Hi from Aunt Con, Tom, and George. She’s getting braver and friendlier every day. Right now, nothing is as interesting a table leg. Glad you made it and looking forward to future entries.

  4. Steve Carl says:

    Kellie aand Colin,
    I glad to see you made the flying part of your trek, sans luggage. I pass all info to Mr. Murry tomorrow at Sat. nite. Good Job………..Steve

  5. marv and jnet rosenberg says:

    sorry we didn’t get to see both of you before you left. keep in touch—you know we love both of you.

  6. emily says:

    i feel like colin in the above picture, staring at your blog waiting for an update.

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