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Doctor, astronaut, folk-singer….

May 25th, 2007

Yesterday (Thursday) we spent the morning at TASO’s children’s clinic finalizing the arrangements for the poultry project workshop on Saturday, and we also met the cutest baby.
kelly sarah and auntie grace.jpg
Kelly enjoys Sarah, while Grace looks lovingly at her beautiful neice.
Six-month-old Naluwende Sarah came to TASO with her aunt, Namarome Grace. Sarah’s mother died from complications due to AIDS, and she came to TASO to be tested. She seemed like a perfectly healthy baby; smiling, bouncing her hands and even peeing on those who held her (Kelly). She looked around at everything with wide-eyed curiousity, just like a six-month-old baby should.
sweet  babies sara.jpg
Beautiful Sarah
As we visited with Sarah and her aunt, the results of the test were unknown. Grace told us that her sister was taking ARVs when she died, which greatly reduces the risk for mother/child transmission. It won’t be known conclusively whether Sarah has HIV/AIDS until she is 18 months old.
Sarah looked as if she had been taken care of – and in fact, when Grace looked at her, it seemed like pure parental love. Sarah receives utmost care from her auntie – even the cute fold of her socks is something that would be done by only the most attentive parent.
We both became so full of hope for Sarah’s future, and made us wonder, ‘What will become of sweet Sarah? Will she remain healthy? Perhaps she will become a folk-singing astronaut.’ (okay, that last thought was purely my own)
….We know one thing for sure: Sarah will be loved.
kelly and sara again.jpg
Sarah, feeling a bit nervous, relieves herself on Kelly as they share a sweet moment together.

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  1. maria says:

    baby sarah is beautiful!!!
    she looks happy with you kelly!!!
    love you!!!

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